Saturday, July 24, 2010

R Kelly, Tyrese & Leon Timbo Acoustic Jam on the Transformers 3 Set

Tonight someone who knows my affinity for "The King" sent me this video.
I had to post this up, I was excited to see this video of R. Kelly in Chicago for a late night acoustic jam session with newcomer Leon Timbo. this dude Leon has an amazing voice
 I miss hearing guys with masculine soulful voices that speak to your soul.

According to Tyrese (who filmed this video on the set of Transformers 3) 
Leon Timbo just signed with the LEGENDARY Babyface and Def Jam.
I have to expect that we will be haering a lot from this incredible young man...

on to Kells.. Man...R. Kelly is so amazing, this video just reminds me of his genius,
I miss hearing Kells singing soul music, no auto tuned, synth laden R&B,

I'm talking that soul that sounds like someone sitting on a creaky chair on a porch 
with the paint peeling, and a dog at your feet, deep in the woods in alabama.

i can watch this ALL DAY..Kelly is one of the reasons we write songs today...

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