Monday, August 13, 2012


Terence "Tramp-Baby" Abney, Jordin Sparks & Marcella Precise

Last Month "Sparkle" actress Jordin Sparks, Sony and Myspace announced a 15-city search for amateur talent called the "Sparkle Singing Challenge," which coincides with the upcoming film due for release August 17.

 The winner in each of the cities received $500 in cash and won a chance to compete for the national Grand Prize. 

The Grand Prize winner won a trip to New York, an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park & a recording session with the Punch Monkeys producer & writing team and a Myspace homepage feature.

we are so happy we were called in to help make a dream a reality 
with the Winner of the challenge


The Lovely Jordin Sparks, her friend, her pup Minnie and Winner Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade, Her Mom Anne, Michelle our engineer,  Gabriel "Vegas" Mathis & Marcella Precise
(& Jodi Sparks peeking over too!!)

Punch Monkey's own Jodi Sparks & Marcella Precise

Tramp going over the vocal arrangement with Bianca Jade..

Well, we took two days this weekend and helped bring this talented young singers new single "One Shot" to life!
We had an amazing time with Jodi Sparks and Gabriel "Vegas" Mathis (the heads of the Punch Monkey production/songwriting team) Jordin Sparks, the team from Myspace & Bianca and her mom & Lil Sister!!
special thanks to the engineer of the sessions, Michelle Figueroa who sat through HOURS of recording & mixing
Bianca, Mikayla, Anne & Jodi doing Bianca's "fly dance"

Michelle & Rivers looking cool calm & collected ...when she isn't messing up everything LOL!!!!
(No she doesn't mess anything up,,,she's awesome!! but it's still her fault)
Be sure to watch BET's 106 & Park to see Bianca & Jordin introduce her new single "ONE SHOT"