Friday, September 19, 2008


I Just thought i'd give my Producer/Diggers a Treat

EVERY important drum ever made, in wav format

you want to flip the sound of the early prince records? pull out the Linn Drum...

how about Kraftwerk's man machine album??.. load up the Visco Space Drum...

late 90's Timbaland (i.e Missy's Hot boys)? ....CR78 at your service

need the New Jack Swing sound??...Teddy Riley used a HR16

all the basics, 808, 909, 727, drumulator, sp-12..
and some rare goodies like the minipops and the rhythm ace

this is in NO WAY a comprehensive collection..
(I cant give you all my treats..I've been Collecting Kits of Drum machines for years)

Special thanks to Audio Pirate for his collection

anyway here's the list

AceTone Rhythm Ace
Akai XR-10
Alesis HR16
Boss Dr55
Boss Dr110
Boss Dr220
Boss Dr220a
Boss Dr550mk2
Casio PT30
Casio VL1
Casio RZ1
Casio SK1
DeepSky Drumbox
EMU Drumulator
Fricke MFB 512
Hammond Auto-Vari 64
Hammond Rhythm II
Jomox Xbase-09
Kawai R50
Kawai R50e
Kawai XD-5
Kent Rhythm Master
Korg DDD1
Korg DDM110
Korg DDM220
Korg KPR77
Korg KR55
Korg Minipops
Korg ProWave
Linn Linndrum
Linn LM-1
Mattel Electronics Sysonics DRM
MXR Drum Computer 185
Oberheim DMX
Rhodes Polaris
Rhythm King
Roland Juno 106
Roland R8
Roland SH09
Roland TD7
Roland TR55
Roland TR66
Roland CR78
Roland CR8000
Roland D-10 LA
Roland DDR-30
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-303
Roland MT32
Roland System 100
Roland TR505
Roland TR606
Roland TR626
Roland TR707
Roland TR727
Roland TR808
Roland TR909
Sakata DPM48
SC-40 Bassdrums
SD-5 Percussion
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits Tom
Serge Modular
Simmons SDS8
Soundmaster SR88
Univox MicroRhythmer12
Visco Space Drum
Vox Drumbox
Watford Electronics Drumbox
Wersi WM 24
Yamaha MR-10
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha RX-11
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha RY-10
Yamaha RY-30
Yamaha TX-16W

contains over 3000 samples