Thursday, July 31, 2008

JOI LIVE AT LICK (205 club NYC)!!!

After hitting the IKEA Press event, we shot over to the city
had something to eat at our favorite downtown resturant LURE,

and walked over to 205 club (205 chrystie st)
for the 1st LICK party hosted by jasmine Solano (MTV)

we were invited by our girl artist/model/DJ Ebony Wildcat
one of the HOTTEST new DJ's in NYC..
Spinning a eclectic collection of soul, funk, classics & hip hop

well this night was to be capped off with a performance by Funk/rock goddess JOI!!
and man did she rock..she tore it down!! i felt like I was watching a set in the middle of a parliament/funkadelic show in the early 70's,

this girl is TALENTED..i knew a few of the records..i knew she was a star, we had met and hung with her down at Dallas Austin's DARP studios in like 2002

but we never experienced her live...I really want to see what this girl can do on a BIG stage...her small club set was agressive & high energy with only 3 pieces..bass, guitar and drums!!

when i tell this chick can rock a crowd....!!

some Party Goers...(we missed yall's names...comment with the names below)

New Comer Valencia Robinson opened the show..
you gotta hear this southern girl sing...

Lady & A Tramp was in the house of course

These girls were dancing so hard..they were gettin the party started for real!!


Noel Gourdin's


Is The #1
Song in the Country

at Urban AC (radio Format) for the 2nd week in a row!!!


#1 on the Billboard Hot Adult Airplay Chart


And oh ... if you don't already know

"The River" Is Another Lady & A Tramp Production!!


As Brooklynites, we were (like everyone else) beyond happy to hear that Brooklyn's Red Hook Section would be home to NYC's NEW Ikea store!!

we were invited to rsvp for IKEA's PRESS EVENT
where they were showing new products and collections and unveiling the 2009 catalog
of course we rsvp'd to superstar celebrity maker & PR GURU Abe Gurko's ABE NYC

we had a great time, and PLEASE head to and sign up to receive the new catalog when it becomes available

(or we'll send you one of really...just kidding...we need out catalogs..LOL)

The event was held off-site,
and precise & my sister Althea took the ultra cool "Bicy taxi"
from the store to the event

these guys were placed at different corners in the area of the store..

Picking up our passes from the front

My Sister Althea taking advantage of the "Ikea" Cosmos..and great service staff

one of the new and fabulous items set for 2009...hey...the chair, buddy!!

The AMAZING PAX modular closet system..this thing is CRAZY!!
great for those NYC Fashionistas..who don't have nearly enough closet space

The presenters of the "PAX System" sold us immediately!!

Some of the Ikea "geek" staff...(they all had those woody allen style glasses on ...)

The items Ikea has coming are great looking, functional, sleek and sexy

Speaking of sleek & Sexy...LOL

The hour dourves were both delicious and appetizing to the eye!!

The Press swarmed around like bees sopping up presentations of all the new items...

Trust me...these guys were busy ALL night..

on the way out Ikea's gift was a specially "prescribed" memory foam and down pillow
from the sleep doctor

Precise collecting her prescribed pillow

The Event staff was helpful and courteous

we had a great time, and we will soon be swapping out EVERYTHING in our house for IKEA stuff...LOL


I'm sure you all know who the clutch is...The Clutch is a collective of songwriters responsible for a series of hit songs, including Omarion's "Ice Box", Ciara's "Like A Boy" and Timbaland's monster international hit "The Way I Are".

Based in Atlanta, The Clutch consists of Candice Clotiel "Gg" Nelson, Ezekiel L "(E)Zeke" Lewis, Patrick Michael "J. Que" Smith, Balewa Muhammad and Keri Lynn Hilson. Any combination of two or more of the five writers on a song is considered a track "written by The Clutch" as they rarely work as a complete fivesome.

we have worked with Balewa Muhammad for many years,
(he is responsible for many of the GREAT JAHEIM records
& a decent amount of hit's Divine Mill has released in the last 10 years)

we recently trekked down to Atlanta to work on records for our new artist Chris Lawrence (wait till you hear this guy!!!)

as usual it was great hanging with Balewa, it was our first time meeting and working with Zeke (who was mad cool...) we had a great time...

we woke up..worked out...ate and got to work and didnt stop till it was time to eat dinner...

of course the culinary expertise of Le chateau Terrence (ok...that's just me) was in effect, i was able to cook up some banging meals, you know I love to cook...
(and i must say, I am GOOD at it)
basil grilled salmon, my signature shrimp & Grits..stuff like that..LOL

well we'd eat an early dinner and start recording the song we worked on writing/producing all day...

we did this for a week so we didnt have much time to take's a few pics of the trip..

me chilling in the "Pool" room..

Setting up for a day of work...


Divine Mill/Lady & A tramp Affiliate Ray "Angry Keys" Angry, converting us to Logic..LOL

Balewa after a morning workout

Kaygee, brushing up on Logic 8..

Balewa & Zeke and their engineer recording chris

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Chris Lawrence !!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey Yall it's Precise,
I was checking my daily haunts (Blogs) and ran into these LNa Leggings

they are so HOT!! basically tights with details..I LOVE EM'!!

with the right shoes, these are gonna turn heads this fall..


So as you may or may not know, Precise is a jack of all trades,
  • actress,
  • voiceover actress
  • songwriter
  • producer
  • rapper
  • Blogger
  • Motivational speaker

So recently She was booked for a SAM's CLUB commercial
here are some behind the scenes pics of the spot being made out in Jersey

All the ladies chosen for the spot!!
wow..they had them all Dressed DOWN!! LOL

Sams' Club in Paramus middle of the night

uh...ok I guess the product placement guy was there already...

On set and ready to work

fake the bacon section no less... LOL!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


if your into vintage everything/anything like we are,
hit up Fabulous fanny's in NYC when you here or shoot by the website for
classic frames & sunglasses from the early 1900's through the 1990's

they have some banging styles and the prices are pretty good
most average from about $50 to $150