Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The New Music seminar is BACK!
the NMS is one of the most important music seminars EVER...
this series of music related panel discussions and performances over a 3 day span (it used to be a week long event)  is just what the emerging artist/musician needs to lock in the info you will need to navigate through this evolving music industry 
(actually to skip by the dying old industry and into the new digital music industry) 
Margaret Cho being interviewed
for years it was the epitome of artist friendly showcase, where the labels would send their new signees 
to perform for the tough NYC crowd, many many artists got their start at the new music seminar.
Im talking about Madonna, Nona Hendryx, LL Cool J

I personally remember seeing many artist for the first time there as a teen, multi platinum acts like Onyx, Deelite, Tribe called quest, 808 state & Black Rock Coalition founders Living Colour

then there was the ever important NMS battle for world supremacy which included a MC battle 
and the DJ battle that started many careers including those of Dj Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money & DJ Scratch
Precise & Kat Deluna

Kat Deluna took to the stage and TORE IT DOWN!
it was great to be invited this years launch night event, with performances by 
Hip Hop legends Naughty By Nature (all 3 ORIGINAL members!!)
as well as Kat Deluna, Mickey Factz, Rob Cantrell, Matt White
& this amazing iPad DJ Rana Sobhany
Super Producers Niles Rodgers and Kaygee of Naughty By Nature
in attendance this year was a bevy of incredible musicians we even had a conversation with Nile Rodgers!! who said he frecently found master tapers for EVERY song he ever produced!! so expect new unreleased music to be packaged up from household names like Chic & Madonna.
Treach, Tom Silverman & Tramp

For us the most amazing part of the night is the keynote speech given by 
New Music Seminar founder Tom Silverman,
who also is the owner and founder of the LEGENDARY hip hop label Tommy boy records 
(who bought the world, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, De La Soul & Digital Underground) 
his speech was an energizing call to arms for artist all over the world to take control of their art and have that art speak to the masses!

if you're a musician DO NOT MISS this convention next year when it comes to your city!!
it can mean the difference between just being 1 of of the 100k releases every year 
or being one of the few hundred of successful acts that stand out from that immense number

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