Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



For their 2011 Summer issue, Ghubar Magazine goes completely MAAD!!

Gracing two instinctively different covers of rising American singer, MAAD*MOISELLE,

respectively shot by Felipe Barbosa and Ab Sesay.

"The idea behind the editorial was to smoothly fuse Ghubar's fashion-forward & innovative spirit with MAAD*MOISELLE's universe, and make it one." says Sarah Diouf, Editor-in-chief.

Born to a musician father and a model mother it is her blend of iconic fashion and fiercely provocative music, mixed in with a lustful sense of humor that's defined within the singer's work. Taking a microscopic approach, we wanted to see MAAD*MOISELLE in the "raw" and piece-by-piece explore the very core of what makes this woman every bit of who she is - a mix of singer, stylist, dancer, model - and what she thought she never could be - a brooding guest fashion editor.

"With two editorials expressing the duality living inside the artist : a powerful presence and the serenity of the greatest, I feel confident to say the final product came out great."

A voice that the fans have already had the chance to hear on tracks such as "I am not your girl" & "Something Better featuring Marcella Precise", were only just the beginning. MAAD*MOISELLE is currently riding high on the success of the international hit single "Outrun the Sun", with the #1 European Hip Hop duo, Madcon. Its world-wide mainstream success has led her gracing stages, alongside Madcon, all across the pond with performances on UK's X Factor, popular German Comedian Mario Barth's Show, Kika Kids, and for a crowd of over 25,000 at Germany's coveted Viva Comet awards. MAAD*MOISELLE's phoenix-like rise to the top is an inevitable one.

"Working with Maad* became more and more evident that not just any box can possibly contain such artistry. We are with grand excitement preparing and about to announce our official all-American - (New York based) - launch for this Fall.

Seeing Ghubar through the vibrant eyes of a passionate New Yorker like MAAD*MOISELLE is the perfect bridge to take with this summer issue. "MAAD has something this little je-ne-sais-quoi that you can even feel when just talking to her. She possesses the potential of being the next big thing, and it would have been a big mistake not to put the lights on her at this time in her career." - Sarah Diouf, Editor-in-Chief

MAAD*MOISELLE will be releasing The Lady and a Tramp produced single "GLITTER" in avant-première, with an exclusive single cover for Ghubar on July 18th, on Stay Tuned!
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Photos Credits : (Left) Maad*Moiselle photographed by Felipe Barbosa Styled by Ugo Mozie (Right) Maad*Moiselle photographed by Ab Sesay Concept by Maad*Moiselle

Contact: Lady And A Tramp