Thursday, July 22, 2010



We thought we'd take some time off from producing, writing & recording
to head a few blocks over to Rae Holliday's birthday celebration 
 tonight at NYC hotspot Glass!!

Silly us..we thought we were getting there early (not) as we were met with a serious line
of folks waiting to get in (the venue was already at capacity!!!) we should have known 
NY's fly set were going to come out in force to party with Rae & company 
Rae Holliday (Stuff Fly People Like) & Monee Perry (Roc 4 Life)
good thing we saw SFPL's Gabriel stick his head out
 just as the always fab Monee Perry of ( 
who was overseeing the door, spotted us & wisked us right in 
(thanks Monee!! Smooches!!)
(but that doesn't excuse you from not coming by the studio to see us once in a while. LOL!)

Gabriel (Stuff Fly people Like) & Precise (Lady & A tramp)
from there it was a whirlwind of "hey's" and "what are you drinking's" as the rum based cocktails were in effect for the night!
Dj Antwan was providing the sounds!!
Eb the Celeb ( dancing up a storm!!
Ashley ( & Crystal of (
Jasmine aka The Fly Girl ( & friend

we always have a great time with the whole fly collective team, the most amazing
set of forward thinking, upwardly mobile people you ever want to meet
the stylish Samantha of ( & Chris (
The custom cake (yep..that's a cake!!) looked amazing
made by the amazing ICandy Couture NY

these young ladies work is amazing! the faces behind ICandy Couture NY
Tramp (Lady & a Tramp) & Phaon (
there was a fantastic energy in the building tonight as NY's beautiful people filled the room with the energy and attitude that defines downtown chic!!

Michelle Coston (@Minnie_Coston)

Ms Winta Lynn looking fab!

Jasmine of ( & friend
as usual, great night with great friends and strong drinks! LOL!
Candi ( was holding down ALL the party pics!
the lovely Kim from Brooklyn's own MoCada was in the house!

publicist Sharra Dade (
Designer Marc C ( and guests
Singer Lance Drummonds (, Precise & Rae Holliday (
Some more lovely partygoers wishing Rae a happy Birthday
dueces!! till next time yall!!
We missed a few of the names here 
so leave a comment with the names of anyone you see not tagged so we can add the proper caption.
it was great partying with everyone last night!!!

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