Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NEW OBSESSION ALERT!! Alejandro Ingelmo shoes


Alejandro Ingelmo

Alejandro Ingelmo is a fourth generation shoe designer who was born & raised in Miami & attended NYC's Parsons School of Design.

Inspired by his great grandfather Calzados, who was a shoe cobbler in Salamanca in Spain and owner of the Ingelmo Shoes brand, Alejandro’s women's shoe collections span from girly & functional to flat out erotic.

His men's line, as is the case with "great style" flirts with fashions sometimes ambiguous nature & look just as amazing paired with jeans as they do a tuxedo
we are both HUGE fans of his line and his style decisions..AMAZING

we are going to make calls to our circle of influence and take a trek up to the NYC showroom we'll keep you posted on that

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Happy Holidays everyone!!
We have been so busy writing and producing
that we haven't had the time to properly update the blog
but that will all change after Christmas,

in 2010 we will be updating the blog AT LEAST weekly

Jaheim's new single
"Ain't leavin' without you"
is moving up the charts, and radio LOVES it..

he'll be shooting the video soon, so we'll keep yall updated