Tuesday, March 11, 2008


One of our favorite spots to work at is
SMT studios (Sine Media Tools) in NYC owned by our good friends Donna & Brian
Everyone from Talib Kweli, to Saigon to Da Beatminerz keep this place booked out...
So we were happy to get back over there & book some time to work
& hang out with two of our favorite people in the world

this week we had another good friend of ours,
singer/songwriter Polo Grounds/J records recording Artist
Miss Candace Jones came by to hang out..of course we ended up putting her to work

We are working on Precise's EP (still untitled) that we will be releasing this summer

Precise on the Mic...

Taking a much needed break

The 70's Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show was on TV...!!!
what you know about Firestorm???

Brian & Tramp kept stopping and watching classic cartoons...

Brian with a smile??... even more mysterious than the 9-11 cover up

Keeping Brian hard at Work

Precise on the line...again

Donna & Candace

Da Ladies in Da House!!! Precise, Candace & Donna

Candace & Donna acting up...

Donna in her colorful office

Tramp with his "baby" the MPC 4000 (our 1st child...battery 2 & Protools 7 are the twins)

Hawkman, Samurai, Aquaman, Flash, Apache chief & Tramp..

Back to work...

Boomerang network.....

More Donna & Candace antics!!!

we will be posting up the footage of the sessions soon...
till then go check out our Girl Candace's Myspace

till next we meet!!