Sunday, August 31, 2008

Session @ Pulse NYC

Pulse music NYC's writer/producer Cliff

making an entrance !!

Pulse music's beautiful secret weapon Melissa

Superstar songwriting fashion icon Eritza Laues

Eritza & Stacie

Precise & Stacie Orrico

Pulse's own Christina

Kaygee, Treach & Chris going over parts

gotta be one of the only art studios dash recording studios in NYC

Precise, Cannon & Eritza

Stacie makes a GREAT cup of coffee..

Treach & his Beautiful daughter

miss Stacie Orrico

Yeah i Still pull out a MPC every now and then...

Ray angry cut his dreads!!!

Ray, Kaygee, Tramp & Treach...

Chris on the boards

Naughty by nature...

yeah it's all coming together

How hits gets done...

did you get a ticket?? what?? the gun show..(Eritza your a nut)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Talented miss Serron King

Eritza doing what she does up the room

Cannon doing his best Michael jackson, co-writing with Serron King

here we have Another day producing & writing up at Pulse NYC,
so today we were happy to have the crew together..Cannon & Eritza Laues met us up at the studio..
this day, we were writing with Serron King,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008's on now!!

When you can't do it...
we can help

Trust when we say.... it's about to go Down!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Another Work day At PULSE NYC
today we were working with Miss Milla Santana...
(that's MILLA to you..bub)

Ladies & Gentlemen meet the beautiful Milla Santana....
An exceptional new & talented singer/songwriter..

She is going to be a keep your eyes on her....
(& just wait till you hear the songs!!)

Precise & Milla

Tramp going over parts

JK's Beautiful Guitars

Today's Crew..Precise, Milla, Eritza & Cannon

Sugar Dice & Friend

Lady & A Tramp

The Lovely Christina

is that part right??


Get up on the Betsyville by Betsey Johnson handbags!!!

who says pizza and French fries are the only studio food....?

Sugar deeeeeeeeeee!!

One of the brightest new talents in NYC...Cannon

Milla at work...the song came out CRAZY!!!


the dynamic Eritza Laues at work...

as usual..Adam a.k.a "Pro-toolius Caesar" working the boards
soooo...Thanks to the Miel-man!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


G-Star's Avenger Sling

Our Friend & PR GURU Abe Gourko of the fabulous ABE NY
is seating the front row this fall fashion week for this company,
he put me up on this companies Fantastic line!!

G-Star RAW it's is a Dutch clothing company originally named Gap Star.

The company decided to change their name upon going international outside the home country of The Netherlands.

The brand specializes in making RAW denim. This is an unwashed, untreated denim in which all jeans start out as after being constructed.

G-star is highly influenced by military clothing, inspiration of their designs come from vintage military apparel bought around the world.

G-Star's flagship store is located in New York City. G-Star Raw now shows at New York Fashion Week.

...well check out these boots from them...they are CRAZY!!!
there's definitely a military flair to them..i WILL have to get a pair of those,


Monday, August 4, 2008


Another Day in the studio, up at Pulse NYC
and was a Full house today!!

working on music for Naughty By Nature...
Working in Dan Strong's room, writing hits...
working in Pismo's room putting together a smash..

there was inspiration all the through the building today!!!

The "Lady" is here

The Always stylish and ultra talented Eritza Laues..
(with the "salt & pep, salt & pep, salt & pepa's here" hair)

the "FUN" room...Dan's clan
(Eritza, Precise, Cannon, eritza's nephew & Dan Strong!!)

Making music should always be this much fun!!

Eritza at home in the booth

Dan Strong on the boards!!

Pismo's room

Pismo's room had THE best Toys in the studio!!

Kaygee Hard at work

Yessir...Vin Rock..Naughty in the house

Meilman, producer/engineer extraordinaire

Cannon of songwriting team Phyllis & Cannon

Strike a pose...

Lady & A Tramp

"I'm ready for my close up.."