Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009!! and Back to work!!

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year..
we are back to work and the schedule is... as it was...full!!

We had a Malta Guinness Commercial that we had to turn in today, with someone who's becoming a fixture in the spot..F-Mos
Precise & F-Mos a.k.a Young Marvin (circa '76)

Meilman & Tramp at the helm

Lady & A Tramp

F-Mos in the booth laying it down
Adam Meilman laying down the ill guitar part!!

F-Mos & Jay

Precise & Pulse's own corporate lady/party girl Christina

The Homie Pismo...

Eritza Laues using the back massage thingy that made her back hurt later...

then we followed that with a session with Jaheim...

Jaheim & Balewa

but it didn't stop there, we had quite a few Guests come through today including
the Univ ersal/Motown's Sweet Rush,

Sweet Rush..these girls are soooo adorable!!

Making the Band's Donnie Klang who was followed by MTV cameras...

Jaheim, Precise Donnie Klang & Eritza Laues..can you say "hits in the house"

& the Recently Pardoned & Ready to work John Forte

Donnie was MAD cool & John was Focused & Introspective
we are so blessed to live the life we do and meet the people we do...

we had a great time with Sweet Rush they really are so sweet..we luv em'
Sweet Rush (Siham & Iman) Eritza & Precise

Precise & Sweet Rush..

Tramp with Sweet Rush & Eritza Laues

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