Thursday, December 18, 2008


Happy Holiday's everyone..
well while most people in the music business "phone it in" after thanksgiving,
we work until December 22-23 every year..
(usually in a set of non stop daily writing sessions)

this month we are in the studio with The Clutch working on music for a few artists including Jaheim & a new artist The Clutch & Divine Mill have named Chris Lawrence

See the posts below this to check some flix of the sessions..
the songs we finished up are AMAZING....

2009 is gonna be an even bigger year than 2008 for us..

Balewa (The Clutch) & Precise

Precise & Jaheim..

we came up with Jaheim, we met way back (around a decade ago) when he was still working on demos for his first album, and we were just starting to produce & write..

he would come all the way out to Brooklyn to hang out..with a half broken radio playing "really rough mixes" of his demos

It was easy to see at that time that he was an extreme talent..
it's so nice to see him enjoy his success

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YAIYA said...

Found your blog on YouTube. I had to stop by and give my love for your song "The River", it's on repeat over at my place almost every day! StayPrecious /YAIYA