Friday, January 23, 2009


BACK TO WORK 2009 !!

So...we are back to work at our home base of Pulse in NYC
picking up where we left off before Christmas with the Clutch..

Working on finishing Jaheim's new album,

Zeke's $106 dollar runway worthy gauntlets..
it's like wrapping your fingers in 20 bills
then carefully sewing Italian baby calf skin around each finger,

then using a tooth brush to brush the supple leather in a circular pattern... away from the wrist...

Balewa Luxuriating in the supple butter softness of Zeke's $106 gloves...
while they are leather. against the skin,.they feel like fresh spun silk from the far off villages of japan's countryside...


Eritza's quirkiness rubs off on everyone!!

Darren Lighty on Funk guitar!!

this is the, "yall are only on the 2nd verse?!?!?!? " face..

Eritza, Precise & Milla

Eritza & Milla

"ok....will you let me record already?,
you know i can finish a song start to finish in 45 minutes!!!"

(she didn't actually say it,,but it's true)

The Next Generation of Divine Mill Superstar
Miss Milla Santana!!!

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