Monday, December 15, 2008


Another day writing with Balewa Muhammed & Ezekiel "Zeke" Lewis, of the Clutch
Today we are joined by Eritza Laues, two AMAZING records were finished today..

One For Jaheim and one for Divine Mill & The Clutch's new artist Chris Lawrence

Balewa (The Clutch) getting ready to lay down one of the songs

Zeke (The Clutch) & Precise (Lady & A Tramp) at the board..

90% of the time Balewa's demos (the Clutch),
sound better than the finished song cut on the artist..

Eritza Laues turning the tables on the paparazzi!! (me)

Zeke & Balewa (The Clutch) writing with Eritza Laues & Precise..

Precise writing analog..(pen & paper) and Eritza writing digital..typing on her phone...LOL

Pulse music's own JK adding sweet soul guitars to the songs!!

Divine Mill & The Clutch's new artist Chris for him..

Meilman (Pulse NY), Tramp (lady & A Tramp) & Ray Angry

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