Friday, October 10, 2008


Everyone who knows us you knows we are seriously positive,
and believe in being around the best kind of people..and only the best kind of people..

So we were overjoyed to be invited by our friend Osa Asemota of the Gift Agency
one of those "best kind of people" to meet and hear another one of our kind
(you creative forward thinkers)
Mr J. Sakiyah Sandifer..
unless you've been living under a rock, you know Sakiyah from his "incredible" book

Think, Think Think & Think again:
The Power of Ideas Designed to Spark Change

and his Book authored with Kanye West

Thank you & Your Welcome..
(another Brilliant book that is definitely a "life read")

first things first!!

head over to his site and pick up the books..and then search youtube and google video for any of his speaking engagements....

we were of course, blown away by his story, his honesty and his thought process..