Saturday, October 4, 2008


So As you know, when we arent tucked away in the studio
producing & writing for some of the biggest names in music..
we are looking to enjoy new music & anything culturally relevant to our experience

one thing we like to do is flip to the local "community television station" BCAT and take in some of the public programming they have..many times ...there's not that much to see
so it's usually a few seconds and click...onto another station (food network or Boomerang)

but today we turned to BCAT and was taken in by a new group called Misnomer(s)

a hip hop 'Band" of sorts, the line up are sisters..Knewdles (MC & Producer) & SOS aka sis on Strings (Viiolinist, Producer) Chesney Snow (Beatbox) & Jim (Bass)

they literally kept our attention for the rest of the we figured we'd shoot them a note on Myspace, when we found their myspace we saw they had a show TODAY right here in Brooklyn...IN AN HOUR...

so we called up the homie Pismo & shot out the house to check them out live,
at Brooklyn coolout spot the "TwoFiftyEight Cafe"
theh had an anniversary party with performances by Misnomer(s)
Brand Nubian's own Sadat X & underground favorite Pack FM...

the show was LITERALLY on a Bed Stuy Brooklyn Street corner...the energy was great

lady and a Tramp (Precise & Tramp) with the talented Sisters of Misnomer(s)

Also Performing was an underground favourites...Pack FM & Mr Mecca
(you should know dude from that "Plucking Dasies" it..)

Mr Mecca (l) & Pack FM (r) got it off too...

of course Sadat X was there to orchestrate a least that s what it was like..
the crowd (as they should) knew all the words to his verses on
"punks jump up" "Slow down" & "One for all"

he also gave a few verses of a new joint called "My Life" it was hot too...

Pismo, Sadat X & Tramp

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