Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, as the Cosmopolitan Cool Kids that we are...we were working up at the studio and came out to see our friend Leon (the actor) who also uses the studio as a home base for his ventures and his Band Leon & The Peoples..

he was setting up a impromptu surprise party for his beautiful girlfriend Ebony

Ebony (right) and friends

The Homie Royce the 5'9"

Kaygee Kicking it with Wesley Snipes..oh...didn't i say that Nino Brown was in the house??

Ebony's Birthday cake..

Kaygee happy that they finally served the Jamaican jerk chicken and peas & rice
(we were working all day, and didn't stop to eat)

Leon making a speech

and then doing his best "David Ruffin"

Ironically, David Ruffin's son David Jr..was doing his best Leon..

The lounge at the studio filled with beautiful people and great Conversations..
(oh yeah...let's Do it Wesley!!...reach out)

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