Sunday, August 31, 2008

Session @ Pulse NYC

Pulse music NYC's writer/producer Cliff

making an entrance !!

Pulse music's beautiful secret weapon Melissa

Superstar songwriting fashion icon Eritza Laues

Eritza & Stacie

Precise & Stacie Orrico

Pulse's own Christina

Kaygee, Treach & Chris going over parts

gotta be one of the only art studios dash recording studios in NYC

Precise, Cannon & Eritza

Stacie makes a GREAT cup of coffee..

Treach & his Beautiful daughter

miss Stacie Orrico

Yeah i Still pull out a MPC every now and then...

Ray angry cut his dreads!!!

Ray, Kaygee, Tramp & Treach...

Chris on the boards

Naughty by nature...

yeah it's all coming together

How hits gets done...

did you get a ticket?? what?? the gun show..(Eritza your a nut)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Stacie is so beautiful, I was obsessed with her song stuck when I was in high school