Tuesday, August 5, 2008


G-Star's Avenger Sling

Our Friend & PR GURU Abe Gourko of the fabulous ABE NY
is seating the front row this fall fashion week for this company,
he put me up on this companies Fantastic line!!

G-Star RAW it's is a Dutch clothing company originally named Gap Star.

The company decided to change their name upon going international outside the home country of The Netherlands.

The brand specializes in making RAW denim. This is an unwashed, untreated denim in which all jeans start out as after being constructed.

G-star is highly influenced by military clothing, inspiration of their designs come from vintage military apparel bought around the world.

G-Star's flagship store is located in New York City. G-Star Raw now shows at New York Fashion Week.

...well check out these boots from them...they are CRAZY!!!
there's definitely a military flair to them..i WILL have to get a pair of those,


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