Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gettin' Out - Inspired in NY #2 (Urban fashion night)

See Pics Below..

o, Bombay Sapphire got together with Emil Wilbekin (Vibe Mag) and created a Week Long Celebration of Urban Art, Fashion, Film, Literature and Music During Black History Month

The week long event was called 'INSPIRED' IN NEW YORK, an extraordinary week long tribute to the wealth of urban talent in America today.

Emil Wilbekin, worked as as curator of 'INSPIRED' IN NEW YORK, which brings together a series of nightly events in an intimate 23rd Street location that has been temporarily re-designed as the ultimate SAPPHIRE LOUNGE and private performance space.

Each night was inspired by a particular field of creativity -- art, film, fashion, business, literature and music -- and is co-hosted by a leading urban icon who will honor the talent that has inspired them.

It was soooo much fun hanging out & seeing many of our friends & Industry acquaintances (sometime we get so busy working in the studio we don't get to see anyone anymore

Heres pictures from one of the two nights we were able to get out to:

-- Leading fashion stylists Lysa Cooper, Misa Hylton, Alexander Allen,
Coltrane Curtis, Emil Wilbekin and Memsor Kamarake will present
urban-inspired style on Thursday 2/15.

Angela Hunte (The Victoria Agency) & Zakeyah (The Experience Hair Salon)

Memsor kamarakee (Vibe) & Precise (Lady & A Tramp)

Tramp, Mark & Rob (High School Buddies)

Look at these shorts!! Louis Vuitton

Angela Hunt (the Victoria Agency) Donald Semerville (vibe), jameelah Hardin (vibe), Tanell Carr (vibe), & Precise (Lady & A Tramp)

Misa's urban style!! you cant see the boots,,,theyre HOT!!!

MIss Misa Hylton

Tramp, Misa Hylton & Angela Hunte (the Victoria Agency)

Precise (Lady & A Tramp), Jen (B-Life), Natalie Colter (ABC Tv) & Victoria Hunte (The Victoria Agency)

Zoe Turnbull (Noise Marketing) and Precise (Lady & A Tramp)

The Ladies on the wheels of steel DJ Beverly Bond & Precise (Lady & A Tramp)

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