Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good News, The album releases
February 9th 2010


As with his previous albums we were happy to be a part of creating this album
We have 2 productions and 4 co-writes on this CLASSIC!!

The album includes production by KAYGEE, LADY & A TRAMP The Clutch (Balewa Muhammaed & Zeke Lewis),

James Poyser, Ivan & Carvin, J.R. Rotem, Battleroy, Mamas Boys, Harold Lily, Ray Angry, Chuck Harmony and Clifton Lighty

The first single “Ain’t Leavin Without You”

is already a hit on radio. this week it's the #2 song at Urban AC Radio!!

and #12 on the R&B singles chart

Official Tracklisting:

1. Ain’t Leavin Without You
Produced By Kaygee
Co-written By Precise/Lady & A Tramp

2. Finding My Way Back
3. Whoa

4. Till It Happens To You
Produced by KAYGEE & Battleroy
Co-written By Precise/Lady & A Tramp

5. Bed Is Listening
6. Impossible
7. Another Round

8. Her
Produced By KAYGEE, Lady & A Tramp & Ray Angry
Co-written By Precise/Lady & A Tramp

9. II Pink Lines
10. Otha Half
11. Closer

12. In My Hands
Produced by KAYGEE, Lady & A Tramp & James Poyser
Co-written By Precise/Lady & A Tramp

13. Ain’t Leavin Without You [Remix] [feat. Jadakiss]
Produced By KAYGEE

Co-written By Precise/Lady & A Tramp

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