Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Work on the soulful and talented Gap band member, Charlie Wilson's album
Charlie... Last name Wilson has not gone unnoticed

Almost 4 years after it was released (Fall 2006)
It is NOW certified GOLD!!!

we C0-Produced/Co-Wrote "My Guarantee"

so all you "music industry types" who claim
"no one buys albums anymore",
"it's a single driven market",
"only Teen artists sell records"
"....the music business is over

..and other assorted negative affirmations...

here is an artist that released a great album,
yes..his legacy is what it is..
but so many more Classic R&B artists are dropping albums as well..
the difference is they don't have well written songs and
great production that competes in the existing market

this is PROOF positive...a GREAT record CAN & WILL sell to a "GROWN" audience..
This record wasn't pushed past 500k by a "ringtone, digital Single ..youth driven market"

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