Thursday, July 31, 2008

JOI LIVE AT LICK (205 club NYC)!!!

After hitting the IKEA Press event, we shot over to the city
had something to eat at our favorite downtown resturant LURE,

and walked over to 205 club (205 chrystie st)
for the 1st LICK party hosted by jasmine Solano (MTV)

we were invited by our girl artist/model/DJ Ebony Wildcat
one of the HOTTEST new DJ's in NYC..
Spinning a eclectic collection of soul, funk, classics & hip hop

well this night was to be capped off with a performance by Funk/rock goddess JOI!!
and man did she rock..she tore it down!! i felt like I was watching a set in the middle of a parliament/funkadelic show in the early 70's,

this girl is TALENTED..i knew a few of the records..i knew she was a star, we had met and hung with her down at Dallas Austin's DARP studios in like 2002

but we never experienced her live...I really want to see what this girl can do on a BIG stage...her small club set was agressive & high energy with only 3 pieces..bass, guitar and drums!!

when i tell this chick can rock a crowd....!!

some Party Goers...(we missed yall's names...comment with the names below)

New Comer Valencia Robinson opened the show..
you gotta hear this southern girl sing...

Lady & A Tramp was in the house of course

These girls were dancing so hard..they were gettin the party started for real!!

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