Sunday, February 10, 2008

A WEEK IN THE LIFE - Writing sessions!!

here's a small pictorial of a typical work day for us
at "Da Mill" (Divine Mill's multi room recording facility)
we try to get in to the studio (in NJ) by about noon (we do live in brooklyn ya know)
Da Mill is currently 7 studio's and office space (still building more) in an over 10k square foot facility

today we are writing and producing new music for a multitude of artists and styles, so we have the talented Tahayah Lewis and Mark Wolff (New co-writers with DM) over to do some writing with us, (click their names to check them out)

Precise & Tahayah in "writing room" 7, cooking up a treat!!

Tahayah showing off doing a run...

Precise in the booth laying down a idea..

Yep.. the song came out CRAZY!!!

Tramp, Mark & Kaygee in Kay's Room throwing around ideas...

Mark Recording a idea...i'm wondering what that chord was...

Mark is a great pop songwriter/artist (and that taylor guitar sounds great)

DJ Bee-Kay in his room..(room 6), laying a bass part

2 am...Precise taking it down in the "our" room (room 2) after a long writing day

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